Aquarium Installation and Moves

Aquarium Installation

CMACS will install a new or used aquarium into your home or business. We take installations and moves very seriously. When installing an aquarium CMACS insures that the placement of the aquarium will be in the ideal spot. CMACS will come out to your home or business and put a placement plan together with you. Location and placement of your aquarium is very important for many different reasons:

  • weight of the tank, stand, substrate, equipment, and water combined
  • excess algae growth if tank is in reach of outdoor light from the sun
  • access for maintenance
  • access to filtration systems for cleaning and changing media
  • temperature changes due to placement near doors, windows, or vents

CMACS also works with all of your neighborhood retail fish stores to provide you with the best aquariums, stands, lids, canopies, sands, substrates, fish, corals, live rock, aquatic plants, filtration systems, lighting, and other equipment needed to make your aquarium look beautiful, healthy, and function properly. Installing an aquarium is serious business, don’t risk a cracked tank, missing equipment, or an incompatible fish plan to a weekend DIY project – instead, let CMACS AQUARIUM SERVICES handle every aspect of your installation for peace of mind. I have more than 20 years of experience installing fish tanks of all sizes in both homes and businesses throughout the Carolina's.  I guarantee my work, and best of all I offer continued support through regular maintenance services!

A few installs and moves preformed by CMACS Aquarium Service.



Aquarium Moves

CMACS will also move your aquarium. If you are moving from your current home to a new one, if you only need your aquarium moved to do some home improvements, or changing your current business location CMACS can take care of it. We are experts at moving aquariums while protecting your equipment, livestock, maintaining bacterial levels on filter media, and reducing stress on your fish and invertebrates. CMACS can eliminate a potential moving disaster. CMACS AQUARIUM SERVICES makes it look easy. We are experts on how to efficiently provide a successful move on your aquarium. ​Call today, this can be the easiest part of your relocation. 704-756-2611

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