Outdoor and Indoor Pond Installs and Maintenance

CMACS Pond Maintenance can be customized to fit your needs. We can provide you with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or a one time maintenance. Most ponds require a bi-weekly or monthly maintenance in addition to the day-to-day needs of your inhabitants. Our pond maintenance visits average between 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the pond. CMACS services can be provided at your home as well as your business. CMACS has experience with ponds ranging in sizes from 60 to 25,000 gallons.  

All pond maintenance visits include the following:

  • Water Quality Test
  • Adding Water to Pond
  • Water Change if Necessary
  • Visual Inspection of Livestock Including Plants
  • Visual Inspection of Equipment
  • Clean Algae off Sides and Vacuum Bottom if Needed
  • Clean Media in Filtration System if Needed
  • Pressure Wash Areas in or Around Pond if Needed
  • Trim or Remove Overgrown or Unwanted Plants if Needed

A visual inspection of  your livestock and equipment will allow CMACS to discuss any issues or concerns found with you. During a maintenance visit please feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have, as CMACS will share our knowledge with you. Maintenance on a pond can be a little more extensive during certain times of the year that is why it is a wise choice to keep your pond under a regular maintenance plan. We do realize pond owners can do a lot of the day to day maintenance for a pond as far as cleaning out the pond skimmer of leaves, twigs, and other collected gunk as well as feeding your fish. When it comes to the bigger picture of what makes a pond successful and beautiful with thriving plants and healthy fish CMACS is here for you and your pond. We work with your neighborhood fish retail shops and online retailers to provide you with the best pond fish, plants, filtration, and equipment to get the most competitive prices for our customers.  You will find pictures below of CMACS at work on a few customer's ponds. Give CMACS a call today to schedule an appointment 704-756-2611





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